26 April 2009


today, we spent the day planting our mini veggie/herb garden and plant for our front porch. stella LOVED being outside all day getting dirty :)
all clean, waiting for momma to bring the plants to the back

ready to dig in :)probably just dumped a plant out of that pot she's holding

helping momma mix up the veggie soil

snack break

refueled and ready for action!

being silly
all dirty
carrying buckets

busy girl!

she carried those buckets back and forth for an hour or so, then sat in the middle of them and played - then she cried when i started pulling them away from her to plant our tomatoes in them!
it was a fun day outside - i know where we'll be spending most of our summer!
we took a family trip to Denver to see baby marianne april 22 - 25. she is only a few weeks old and is so tiny and sweet! stella wasn't really jealous as much as she just pretended marianne wasn't there. we tried to get her to hold her so we could take a picture and she was NOT having it! it was fun to be a small part of welcoming marianne and get to snuggle her and love her while she is so tiny - and it was nice to be able to give my jilli a hand. as always the trip felt too short, but i'm sure jill and jerry were ready for the screaming 2 yr old to be gone :) even though they love her very much.

momma and baby

stella and aunt jilli

stella being extra excited trying to run away from daddy after brunch on sunday

all 3 of us after brunch on sunday

stella kissing marianne bye

we are so glad we were able to come visit. can't wait to see you 3 soon (we hope). we love you!

01 April 2009


i can not believe my baby is TWO. it happened so fast. when we brought her home she wasn't moving at all. no crawling, no pulling up, no walking. she was still very much a baby at one year old. in the last year, she has changed SO much. she is running around like crazy and talking NON-STOP these days. i love the sound of her voice. we got some video of her talking today, i'll have to get that posted :) i am just completely amazed by her. she really is the center of our world. so many things have happened in this last week, i have been all warm and fuzzy inside. sometimes i look at her and i just can't believe she is mine. all mine. we love you stella lu! happy happy day baby girl!

for her birthday, we went together to pick stella up from daycare and went straight to the park to play!

after the park, we had our favorite for dinner. MEXICAN. then we went home for cupcakes! of course she had to blow out candles AGAIN since it was her ACTUAL birthday!

after cupcakes, it was time to get measured on the door frame! we have been marking her height every few months or so. she loves getting it done and stands up really straight for us to mark it.

then, stella had her bath and got all ready for bed. this is where we sit when i dry stella's hair. then we always play in front of the mirror for awhile. she is such a ham :)