21 June 2009

Father's Day.

we were in arkansas at my parents over father's day this year. we started the morning out giving daddy his present : a super fabulous, fantastic, fancy coffee grinder. (michael is a coffee snob.)

second on the agenda for the day : GETTING STELLA'S EARS PIERCED!!! i have been wanting to do it for awhile now but have always been too scared, so i waited until my mom was with me since she has done it once before - i knew she wouldn't let me chicken out.

the lady was SO good with stella and stella was SUCH a big girl! we held really still for the first ear.then, THIS is how she looked for the second ear :) POOR BABY!!! honestly, this picture looks horrible, but she only cried for about 10 seconds!

then, once it was all over, she was SO excited to see herself in the mirror! we had talked about it for a few days before and i kept saying "you will be SO pretty when you get your ears pierced!" trying to talk it up so she would get excited about it. so afterwards she kept pointing to her ears and saying "i pitty! i pitty!" she got 2 prizes for being so good - she got the movie the jungle book (which she ABSOLUTELY LOVES) and she got a giant coloring book and crayons. we all made a HUGE deal out of it when we got home (me, my mom, my dad and michael) and she was SO PROUD of herself :) as if she could be any cuter!!!

mommy and stella stayed in arkansas, but daddy left on father's day to go home, so we got these 2 photos before he left.
we love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!

14 June 2009

Mitchell's Birthday trip

June 13 was Mitchell's 31st birthday. we all decided we needed a little getaway, so mitchell/meagan/michael/myself headed to herman mo "winecountry" and my mom drove up to keep stella. we had a great trip. clearly.

03 June 2009

yes, i know . . . i am SO behind on posting! i have TONS to catch up on, so i will be going back and post-dating alot in the next little bit, but i wanted to get something new up here!

May 25 was our 7th wedding anniversary :) i can't believe we have been married for SEVEN years. wow. we decided we wanted to spend some time just the 2 of us. since we had monday off (for memorial day), aunt meagan and uncle jason kept stella OVERNIGHT for us on sunday night. this was stella's first sleepover (except for grandparents of course). we were a little nervous about how she would do. but SHOCKER, she was perfect :) i think they had a fabulous time! here are some photos from stella's first sleepover.