31 July 2009

THE BEACH [day six]

our last day. it's bittersweet. we've had a fabulous week, but we aren't ready for it to end.
today was cloudy off and on and it rained off and on. the waves were huge - perfect for riding, so daddy spent most of the day in the water.

the water was too rough for stella to be out there today, so we played in the sand this morning.

this was meltdown number one. obviously she was COMPLETELY worn out from playing so hard last night :)
then, nonna broke out the fantastic bubble maker!!!

then, mommy and i had to clean all the bubbles off.

THIS, was meltdown number two :) WOW.

playing with daddy.

that was the end of stella's day on the beach. nonna took stella in for a MUCH needed nap, then it started storming. mommy and daddy stayed out and watched the storm roll in.

we made dinner at home tonight and started packing up. we had to have a LITTLE fun though! stella and meg played out front with the bubbles before her bath.

we are already excited for next year!!!!

30 July 2009

THE BEACH [day five]

LOTS of playing today. we had tons of fun in the sun and the sand.

we had dinner at camille's, one of our favs. yummy sushi and salad! stella ate with her chop sticks!

after dinner we headed to the spray park/play area. she would NOT go in the spray park, but had TONS of fun in the play area and stayed up WAY too late :) she was having SO much fun we just didn't want to make her leave!!!

29 July 2009

THE BEACH [day four]

sand + sun + ocean watching jack-jack with poppa d while mommy and daddy get dinner ready.

our yummy dinner : lemon-shrimp risotto + tomato moz salad + peach bellinis.

snuggling with nonna while mommy and daddy did some late night shopping.

28 July 2009

THE BEACH [day three]

it rained today, so stella didn't make it to the beach at all! this morning we shopped while it rained, then when stella napped the sun came out - so momma and daddy went to the beach ALONE!!! nonna and poppa d watched stella for us :) we read several chapters of our books...UNinterrupted!!!

we had dinner tonight at dewey's. BEST. CRAB LEGS. EVER. stella is 'patiently' waiting for her chicken.

then we headed to their dock for some photos.

then stella danced on the dock.

then she waved to some boats passing by.

then she played before heading home.

when we got home she did a little reading before bed.

vacation is the BEST. night night sweet girl.