26 September 2009

fall fun.

after gymnastics, stella got into daddy's closet! silly goose.

this afternoon we met the garners at Rutledge-Wilson Farm for Harvest Fest. stella LOVED the animals! she didn't want to go on the hayride though for some reason...maybe next year! she looks so grown up and i don't think i like it! where did my baby go???

19 September 2009

traumatic weekend number 2

these are AFTER the incident. remember last weekend was stella's first fall accident. well, today was number 2. it's only been a week!!! i think this time was just as (if not more) traumatic for mommy. today after gymnastics we went to run some errands. it was just stella and mommy. on our list was to run by the mall to have stella's feet measured so we could get some new shoes for fall. while we were in the store, stella was running and tripped on the carpet and fell flat on her face. blood went EVERYWHERE. i'm sure partly because her lip wasn't completely healed from last weekend, but she ALSO had a bloody nose this time. it was horrible. i felt like everyone was staring at us. apparently some kind of "mommy calm and control" thing overcomes mom's in this situation, because i was completely calm (SO not like me) and completely controlled (SO not like me) and didn't freak out at all (SO not like me). i got the bleeding stopped and strapped her back in her stroller (thank goodness i had let her take her teddybear in with her that day)!!! when i got to the car i was so overwhelmed and stressed out that i just cried. HA! stella was fine by this time, but me, not so much. i had held everything in and then i just couldn't anymore! i felt better after i cried. once we were on our way again stella said "mommy, i go home"......poor thing, she just wanted to go home. she was DONE with errands that day. so i ran by the grocery store and picked up some popsicles. she loved that. then i let her take her nap in my bed and i stayed with her. it was a rough day for BOTH of us!

13 September 2009

sleeping cuteness.

these were taken AFTER stella's traumatic fall. my mom was in town this weekend to watch stella for us so that we could clean/paint/organize our garage and i heard stella start screaming in the house...then my mom came to the door and said "nat"...and i immediately knew something was wrong. luckily it was just a busted, bloody lip - no permanant damage - but GEEZ that makes alot of blood! i'm SO glad my mom was here because i would've freaked OUT. poor baby! i have to say though that i'm pretty impressed we made it past 2 without any bad falls...........funny story about my mom : so my mom and dad picked out what they wanted stella to call them, Poppa D and Nonna. they didn't really want to pick out something, but i made them so that we would have something to call them in front of her since she obviously wasn't talking yet. well, their names have morphed into Pop D and Nina :) that's what stella calls them and we love it!

03 September 2009


this morning, stella told daddy she had to pee pee. then, she went to the potty and pee pee'd!!! i can't believe it!!! so far she has always seemed interested in the potty and she loves to sit on hers, but the only 2 times she has actually gone we think it was an accident. this was the first time ON PURPOSE!!! i see potty training in our near future...........i'm terrified.