30 July 2007

update - sortof.

well, after I got an email from Melissa wondering if things were ok i decided i should probably post something. things are still moving along . . . very VERY slowly. i've been quite frustrated with the entire thing (and rather down) so i decided to hold off on posting. the shower my friends threw was SO SO SO much fun :) i have the best friends ever. i just wish they all lived closer. i will post pictures soon, i promise. it's really wierd to have baby stuff in the house now. her room is still very bare. i need to start working on it, but haven't felt like doing it just yet. still seems too far away. the video we received was shot the same time as her referral photos and she slept throught the WHOLE thing . . . but we did get to hear her breathe! we got 3 month photos last month and she has already changed so much. it's just so difficult to watch her grow from afar. makes me feel so separate from her.

in good news our credit card was charged for DNA, so hopefully we will find out that tid bit on our next case update (which seem to be coming few and far between). i will try to post her 2 month & 3 month pics soon. work has been IN-SANE lately. as usual. just bogged down with everything this summer. i seem to be traveling and traveling so as soon as i get caught up at work, i'll take some time to add some photo updates :) and of course if any exciting news comes my way you will all hear about it!