06 August 2008

UPDATE - finally.

playing before leaving home for the office.
playing at mommy and daddy's office.
ready for my best friend reese's baby shower.
playing outside with mommy.
playing after my bath.
scooting around the floor before leaving for work with mommy & daddy.

YAY for my very first andy's frozen custard.

our family after dinner one night on vacation. july 08.

playing in the sand at the beach. july 08.

playing at the beach. july 08.

COVERED in sand at the beach. july 08.

my very first 4th of july party in the USA.

passed OUT at the beach. july 08.
loving the beach. july 08.

my adorable 'sleepy face'. july 08.

my very first popsicle. july 08.
my 'silly grin face'. july 08.

i know i know. i am a TERRIBLE blogger. the summer is always crazy for us, so add to that 2 1/2 jobs and a 1 year old and you know how it goes.
here is a little of what stella is up to these days.

* we went to the beach (destin, florida) for a week in July. she loved it! well, she loved the sand anyways. the waves scared her, but she was ok as long as one of us was holding her.

* she still isn't walking yet. she just isn't all that interested in it yet. her preferred method of travel is scooting sideways on her hiney. she is pulling up tons now. but we do have a nickname for her (cautious lu). she is a VERY cautious child. it's funny. if she is scared of something or doesn't feel comfortable doing something, you know it and she absolutely refuses to do it. at least it doesn't seem like peer pressure is going to be a problem with her!

* we went to the doc on July 21 : she weighed 23 pounds and was 30 inches tall. her head is in the 75% and her height is in in 25%. too funny :) i LOVE her big ole noggin.

* she absolutely LOVES chicken / bananas / blueberries and her newest obsession is tortilla chips. she freaks OUT when she sees the bag!

* she says momma / dada / duck / dog / no / yes / hey + she waves hi and bye (usually after the person has already closed the door) / she loves to pretend she's on the phone / she LOVE LOVE LOVES books /

well, that's a little of what's been going on with us this summer. we hope everyone else is enjoying the summer. it will be gone before we know it!