18 September 2007

medical update

we received a medical update today. she went to the doctor on 9/4. she weighs 15 pounds. she is starting to sit up and coos now. she will be 6 months old on October 1. it's gone by so fast, and we still have never met. how odd this entire process feels sometimes.


the building has officially commenced! i LOVE it already . . . i'm going to try to take pictures while Michael is working on it . . . so stay tuned!

10 September 2007

Family Court

we found out last week (9/5/07) that our case has entered family court. apparently, they were awaiting interview scheduling.

i have discovered that i now live in a constant state of fear. it's just not healthy. i'm so afraid that something is going to go wrong and that we will not be able to bring out daughter home - ever.

on the upside - my husband is making Stella's crib and sent drawings for it to be cut out (he hasn't had time to do it) and it is now ready to be picked up :) of course it still has to be put together - but goodness this is a big step!!!! i've only been nagging him about this thing for the past FOUR MONTHS!!!! it's going to be PERFECT though!!!! i can't wait to see it ALL DONE.

04 September 2007

5 months old

this past saturday, our daughter turned 5 months old. we love you stella and are thinking about you every second of every day.