11 June 2007

shower and other NEWS.

well, on saturday i had my very first baby shower! it was so fun to get stuff for Stella! being the center of attention is never very exciting for me . . . always a little uncomfortable . . . but i still had fun! the food was SO SO GOOD. it was a brunch as the shower was from 1030am till 1230 pm. we had french toast, egg stuffed tortillas with salsa, lots of fruit, spinich quiche, mimosas (EXTRA YUMMY!), and cupcakes of course! there were 2 games that were really cute and wrapped hershey bars as favors. they made me a diaper cake and were the best hostesses ever! after the shower 2 of my friends stayed and we all swam in the pool that afternoon then my parents made us all dinner. i think it was fun for them to have a house full of girls like they used to! we drove back home late that night and made it back a little after midnight. we were all exhausted and i'm still tired today! i'm so so so grateful for my girls! they know me so well and made the shower just as i would've if i had done it myself! i'll post pictures as soon as i can (pics are on my mom's camera).

i received an email from our sw this morning telling us that the national office just received VIDEO FOOTAGE of Stella!!!!!!!!!!!! i am SO SO SO SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! they will be sending it in the mail - nothing like keeping us in suspense! also, we are having a conference call in the morning with our agency director of the guatemala program. i'm trying to make a list of questions to ask about the whole process - any suggestions????


Melissa said...

That sounds like a wonderful shower given by wonderful friends.

Anonymous said...

chi said...
so just catching up on the blog and i am so not computer savvy so i do hope that the message posts. we shall see. but i have to say that i too enjoyed the shower it was well worth the trip - still cant believe that i did not get to see Brad Pitt but Stella was much more important. your parents were great having us!! i cant wait to see pictures! Stella Lu-we love you ! cant wait to meet you. just so you know: you have God sent parents. you fill their hearts and are the reason behind every smile! i love the way you light them up each day already- you are very blessed to have Natalie and Michael but moreso- they are blessed to have you.